On the 21st September 2012, Božidar Radišić, an activist in the field of drug policies and an advocate of medical cannabis in Slovenia, was detained. In his garden he had five cannabis plants which he cultivated exclusively for his own use and self-medication. Despite the complete lack of evidence of the purpose of re-sale, as well as the presence of irregularities in the procedure, carried out by law enforcement agencies, Božidar remains in custody up to this day. In order to highlight the injustice that has been going on, he decided to go on a hunger strike.

This blog was created
... because we care about our good friend Bozidar Radišić and we feel obliged to do everything in our power to help him, as he always unselfishly helped us.
... because we care for fellow wo/men.
... because we want change.
... because we have ideas, commitment, and arguments
... because knowledge is power and action brings change.

Our purpose is to provide assistance and support to Božidar:

... to present his story to national and international public,
... accept and provide advice, support and assistance,
... establish cooperation,
... bring to attention the unjust and unprofessional work of the competent institutions
... archive documentation,
... collect stories of similar cases,
... collect petition signatures,
... educate and raise awareness of the public and the media,
... trigger and encourage political and public debate,
... change outdated laws in the field of drug policy and
... fight for our rights.

Please read our:
Declaration of supporters of Božidar Radišič
Petition text in english - Release Božidar Radišič

and sign petition!

We need financial aid for the legal support.
Please donate and support Božidar and his fight!

You can show your support to Božidar Radišič also by writing a letter of support and
sending it to:

Letters will be published on-line and sent to institutions together with the collected
petition signatures.

8 komentarjev:

  1. Free Bozidar! Shame on those who keep him locked up!

  2. Disgusting that a man should be locked away for a beneficial medicinal plant!

  3. This is an insult to humanity,nature and God from any religious point of view. This plant has being forbidden for greed purposes only by the pre- Zionist movement! You, authorities, should do a search on prohibition history, you have been the victims of a tremendous scam as the rest of the world, they give you the stupid moralistic crap, so they can make a load of money on your naivety.Stop this lie and wake up authorities, its YOU "THEY" are laughing at, and THEY is not us the common people.Open you eyes and watch more and more common sense being uncovered, more countries and people want this free, or at least regulated as alcohol. Not one person has died from cannabis overdose, thousands each year from beer and wine.. don't be inhuman. The law works only with ethics, and this is absolutely not ethical at all! To forbid a human to use cannabis is like forbidding a baby the tit! Our brains are perfectly conditioned for the benefits of cannabis. Search, use your grey matter !

  4. "Cannabis-Social-Club" (Liége, Belgium) compatisson et...FREE Bozïdar Radisic.

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